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Aerated Concrete Blocks Flat Wall

EGE Gazbeton Wall blocks are used in concrete, steel, prefabricated, wooden and masonry constructions as inside or outside wall building material and as well as load-bearing material in masonry constructions.
These blocks could be produced as plain, with tongue & groove or with carrying hollow. EGE Gazbeton wall blocks are also preferred in the first place for the fire walls with its property of A1 non-combustibility.

Wall Plug-in Aerated Concrete Blocks

EGE Gazbeton Wall blocks are used in concrete, steel, prefabricated, wooden and masonry constructions as inside or outside wall building material and as well as load-bearing material in masonry constructions.
Bu bloklar düz veya geçmeli ( lamba & zıvanalı ) olarak, isteğe göre taşıma cebi ile üretilebilir. EGE Gazbeton duvar blokları yanmazlık özelliği nedeniyle ayrıca yangın duvarı olarak da ilk sırada tercih edilmektedir.

Aerated Concrete Blocks Corner

EGE Gazbeton corner blocks are used at the corner points of the masonry constructions, by filling the hole with concrete and steel bars, in order to increase the strength and the load-bearing capacity of the building.

Gazbeton Egepor

EGEPOR is the thermal insulation board of EGE Gazbeton. It is used with the purpose of thermal insulation at the facades of the buildings, ceilings and pavement of girders and coloumns of undergorung parking places and basements.

Lightweight Aerated Concrete Flooring who

EGE Gazbeton light filler blocks are used as light slabs for flooring of the constructions. It is lighter than the other items, earthquake resistant and provides lower costs.

AAC Block Thin Bed Mortar

It is an adhesive mortar for the AAC blocks which is produced according to TS EN 998-2 standard and has a compressive strength of ≥ 10 N/mm² (class M10) and also CE certificate.
It is applied with a thickness of 1-3 mm with a special mortar trowel in order to fix the blocks together. The thin bed mortar is supplied in 25 kg paper bags. The preparation information and the using manual of the thin bed mortar are written on the product package.

Aerated Concrete Blocks

EGE Gazbeton U blocks are used for the preparation of beams in high walls of the constructions, hiding the downpipes, building hidden chimneys and also used in the horizontal and vertical beam construction instead of wooden molds.

Gaz Beton Lentolar

Lintels are reinforced items used on top of the doors and windows in the constructions. The bearing length of support must be usually minimum 15 cm. For the lintels longer than 120 cm, the bearing length of support must be 20 to 25 cm.

Swearing Aerated Concrete Show

Jambs are reinforced items used around the windows like a frame with and aesthetical concern. They are easily installed on the walls.

Concrete Masonry & Concrete Paving & Gas Gas Gas Concrete Roof Panels

Panels are produced in 3 different types; as horizontal wall panels, flooring panels and roof panels. They are produced as reinforced items with different measurements and combinations as class G3/05, G3/06 or G4/06.

Aerated autoclaved concrete block


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During 22 years in the construction sector, we, as Akkus A.S., have completed over 3.000 residential buildings in Aydin / Turkey successfully. Our founder Mr Hasmet Akkus decided to make a production investment in the Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) sector, through his experience in the sector and by his innovative and environmentalist approach.

The construction of the production plant EGE GAZBETON was completed in 2017. The plant is running now at totally 100.000 m² area where 22.000 m² is closed, with an annual production capacity of 720.000 m³, by the team that has 20 years of experience in the AAC production.

Familiarness of our brand EGE GAZBETON is increasing day by day, as the sales volume increases in both domestic and export markets. Our middle run target is to increase the number of our production plants up to 4 with a total annual production capacity of 2.880.000 m³.

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AAC products stand out as the favourite building material of the future with lots of important properties;


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Environment friendly ingredients

ege gazbeton

Heat and sound insulation

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Energy saving

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Fire protection by A1

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Earthquake resistant

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Easy to apply

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