During 22 years in the construction sector, we, as Akkus A.S., have completed over 3.000 residential buildings in Aydin / Turkey successfully. Our founder Mr Hasmet Akkus decided to make a production investment in the Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) sector, through his experience in the sector and by his innovative and environmentalist approach.

The construction of the production plant EGE GAZBETON was completed in 2017. The plant is running now at totally 100.000 m² area where 22.000 m² is closed, with an annual production capacity of 720.000 m³, by the team that has 20 years of experience in the AAC production.

Familiarness of our brand EGE GAZBETON is increasing day by day, as the sales volume increases in both domestic and export markets. Our middle run target is to increase the number of our production plants up to 4 with a total annual production capacity of 2.880.000 m³.

Our mission

Serving the World in the best way with our high-quality products, know-how and experience, where environment friendly green buildings started to replace unplanned construction.

Our vision

Becoming one of the best and most reliable brands in Turkey and around the world, by our high quality AAC products and corporate culture.

Our values

High quality products, fair, safe and comfortable working environment, precious and happy employees, maximum customer satisfaction.